Israel Education 'Blitz'

Israel Education 'Blitz'

This September, a number of events – namely, the UN vote on the recognition of a Palestinian state, the Third Durban Conference, the beginning of the new academic year, and the High Holidays – will coincide to place Israel firmly in the public spotlight. In the background, the assault on Israel’s legitimacy continues to penetrate into the heart of some Jewish communities, to the point that rather than serving as a source of unity, Israel is turning into a deeply polarizing issue.

The anticipated heightened focus on Israel presents an opportunity to launch a targeted Israel re-engagement effort. The goal: To re-engage Jewish communities with Israel in new ways and to use the concepts of 'broad tent' and 'red lines' to reconnect across the dividing lines.

To date, the following documents have been prepared:

1) Reut - A Call for Action

2) MAKOM - Moving from Confrontation to Engagement

3) Gil Troy - How to Win, and Not Lose, in September

4) MAKOM - Am Chofshi B'Artzenu Educational Booklet

5) Eran Shayshon - To help Israel, Jews must broaden the tent

6) Martin Ben Moreh- Dilemma Oriented Education

7) Gil Troy - September Backgrounder: Zionism, Racism and Durban

8) Reut - Executive summary: A Political Firewall against the Assault on Israel's Legitimacy

9) Power Point Presentation: Israel Education Blitz